8 Directors Who Really Should Have Retired After One Movie

8. Simon West

url-12 No, Con-Air isn't even close to a masterpiece, but Simon West's debut feature (which pits soon-to-be-released convict Nicolas Cage against an airplane packed to the brim with the world's worst murderers and rapists) is rockin' Hollywood fare. What has West done since, you ask? Well, nothing of much worth, which is why you're probably not even familiar with the man in the first place. Since Con-Air, West has helmed a Tomb Raider movie, guided a team of '80s action movie heroes for The Expendables 2, and directed a couple of middling thrillers. He'd have been better off as a slice of oft-forgotten movie trivia: "Hey, why didn't that Con-Air guy make another movie? That thing was awesome!"
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