8 Disney Theme Park Rides That Were Turned Into Films

You must be this tall to watch these Disney ride films.

Disney/Buena Vista

We all know of our favourite films that have been given the theme park treatment. Franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter have built entire lands dedicated to their brand complete with rides, restaurants and every other immersive experience that can be imagined.

But what about those properties that did it in reverse? Starting off as a theme park attraction and being adapted into a feature length film is an entirely different ballgame.

Over the years, Disney in particular has attempted numerous times to take their beloved attractions and throw it on the big screen, to varying degrees of success. It is certainly a bold move but it has proved worth it on several occasions, others less so. Some of Disney's rides have a plethora of history and source material to draw from, but it hasn't always been an easy ride for these films (pun-intended).

From Box Office bombs to critically adored, here's a look at 8 Disney theme park rides that were turned into films, from the absolute worst to the very best.


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