8 Essential Coen Brothers Films You Must Watch

7. True Grit

No Country For Old Men 1280x720
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The Coen brothers have always managed to strike that delicate balance between brutality and levity like no other director. But none of their films does it better than True Grit, which is both uncompromisingly bloody and undeniably sweet.

In the spirit of a traditional Western, True Grit features a cool, rough-around-the-edges style hero alongside its plucky and youthful protagonist in a simple yet elegant retelling of a Hollywood classic. Shootouts, cowboys and bandits aplenty all make an appearance here, and the end result is a classic in its own right.

True Grit has that distinctive "Coensian" quality to it - that same emphasis on dialogue and how it highlights the story's thematic relevance. There is a staunch moral core at its center that makes the film both utterly compelling and uniquely alluring, and of course entertaining.

Everything here works, making this another Coen Brothers classic.


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