8 Famous Actors Forced Into Roles They Never Wanted

Jennifer Lawrence REALLY hates blue paint.


While watching a film, we usually assume that the actors involved want to be there. After all, they're being paid handsomely for their services, they're working in exotic locales, and they get to entertain millions and millions of people around the globe. Seems like a pretty good deal.

But sometimes, those actors you see onscreen - who might seem like they're enjoying themselves a lot, and might even be delivering a good performance - don't really want to be there at all.

Maybe they think the script is awful or perhaps they can't get along with the director, but occasionally, the situation can be a lot more complex than this, with a number of actors and actresses having genuinely been tricked or forced into appearing in movies by deals, lawsuits or other external factors.

Moviemaking is a fickle business, and big stars have to make concessions to find success. But acting in a movie unwillingly - whether to please a studio, fulfil a contract, or because you really want to play Deadpool in a solo movie - is a bit too far, right?


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