8 Famous Actors Who Beefed With Disney

Don't be fooled by Mickey's cute face - the Mouse knows how to hold a grudge.

John Boyega Star Wars

Love them or hate them, The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest names in the industry to date. They have their fingers in so many pies it's honestly impossible to live your day-to-day life without interacting with them in one way or another. TV, video games, sports channels, theme parks, comic books - chances are you've probably consumed some kind of media they've created.

Disney's biggest and most enduring asset is its film empire, encompassing brands such as The Muppets, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars. Success this big can't be attained without breaking a few eggs though, and over the years Disney has stepped on some toes to reach the height they are today.

They've managed to upset directors, companies, fans (most notably, Star Wars fans), and even the Supreme Court. Yet the people Disney seems to have the biggest penchant for upsetting are the actors that appear in their films.

In a few cases, Disney isn't actually to blame for these grievances - but more often than not it seems that the company is actively going out of its way to annoy some of its highest-profile stars.

Of course, battling with the Mouse is not a task to be taken lightly. Although they're seemingly past their days of blacklisting actors from working in the industry, Disney doesn't mess around when it comes to laying down the law. Let this be a lesson to all budding actors: don't try and beef with Mickey, your career might be the only casualty.

8. Johnny Depp

John Boyega Star Wars

Johnny Depp has had a bit of a rough couple of years when it comes to his film career. Whilst he certainly isn't down for the count, his very public spat with his ex-wife Amber Heard has led to him being dropped from projects such as the next Fantastic Beasts film and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Depp's beef with Disney goes back a little further, however, as in a 2018 interview with GQ magazine he revealed that his time on set wasn't always the most comfortable experience - or, as he put it, "Disney hated me".

Whilst filming the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, Depp clashed with Disney producers and execs over his portrayal of Jack Sparrow. He argued with the producers constantly over his acting style, to the point where he told them to fire him if they hated his work that much.

Depp also said Michael Eisner, Disney's former CEO, "couldn't stand" the way he played Jack Sparrow, and was even quoted saying Depp was "ruining the movie" and wondered if he was "some kind of simpleton". Maybe the $500 million in profits for the first Pirates of the Carribean film changed Eisner's mind?


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