8 Famous Actors Who Beefed With Disney

7. Robin Williams

John Boyega Star Wars

Robin Williams' falling out with Disney is a pretty famous story nowadays, but many might be surprised to find out that the two fell out not once - but twice.

Their original squabble stemmed from a stipulation in Williams' contract for Aladdin, specifying that his likeness and his role in the film shouldn't be the main focus of any of its promotional materials. In classic Disney fashion, they featured the Genie, and Williams himself, front and centre in the posters and adverts for the film.

The fallout was very bitter on Williams' side, as he refused to act in any Disney property again and had to be replaced in the sequel for Aladdin by Dan Castellaneta. Sometime later, following a public apology from Disney, they eventually made up, and Williams came back to voice the Genie for the third Aladdin film.

Disney couldn't help themselves, though, and reduced the budget for Williams' next film Bicentennial Man by $20 million, causing it to flop at the box office. Once again enraged by Disney's actions, Williams refused to appear in the fourth Aladdin film - having to again be replaced by Castellaneta - and swore off Disney entirely.


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