8 Famous Actors Who Have Literally Never Been Good In A Movie

6. Charlie Day

Pacific Rim Uprising Charlie Day

Charlie Day may be an absolute riot on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but it's always been a bit baffling that he's ended up the show's most successful main cast member.

Though he's appeared in numerous broadly acclaimed films over the last few years - Horrible Bosses, Monsters University, Pacific Rim and The Lego Movie - they've basically all been in spite of his shrill, obnoxiously high-pitched voice and fairly one-note comedy shtick.

Yes, we all laughed at "Spaceship!" in The Lego Movie, but that's all there is to his performance. His squeaky bleating is ultimately more irritating than funny, and the fact that he's enjoyed a prosperous movie career while It's Always Sunny's Glenn Howerton remains stuck in TV land is completely inexplicable.

There's certainly potential for the right script to shape his acting style into something both compelling and funny, but Day seems far too eager to just dine out on the same mode of performance every single time.

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