8 Famous Movie Endings People Always Get Totally Wrong

6. Doubt (2008)


The Ending... Having spent the entire movie trying to figure out whether or not a Catholic priest, Father Flynn, has molested a child, Sister Beauveir pursues him wielding her own unverified suspicions and he is ultimately forced to resigned.

With no evidence to support her claims, though, she begins to doubt what she has done...

What Everybody Thinks... "So did he do it or not? He totally did it, right?"

But wait... Trawl the intoxicating movie-based message boards of the internet and you'll find thousands of arguments debating as to whether Father Flynn was innocent or guilty. Though some playful speculation is certainly welcomed (and given the ambiguous nature of the movie, it's gonna happen), a lot of people seem to have missed the point entirely: there is no answer, nor does it matter.

Flynn's supposed guilt or innocence isn't what the movie is about, and there aren't "clues" scattered through the movie so you can try and work it out. It's about the doubt itself, not the outcome. Which is unfortunate for anybody who likes to spend their time "dissecting" movies, searching for hints, and piecing together tiny shreds of information to conjure up bizarre pop cultural theories.

Like me (he totally did it).


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