8 Famous Movie Plot Holes With Shockingly Simple Solutions

Otherwise known as Stop Bloody Nit-Picking.

There's a good reason plot hole spotting has become a micro-industry all of its own: mistakes a lot of fun, and they succeed in making us feel superior to those folk over in Hollywood for, like, those few precious moments when we realise that Avatar doesn't completely hold up when you put it under a microscope... As if that's how we should all judge fantastical films or something.

And of course there's also the possibility that we're just frustrated that something we love has such an obvious and irritating flaw built into its narrative framework. Maybe that unconsciously and insatiable thirst for perfection (and the burning fandom fire that claims ownership over things it loves) is why so many of even the most famous plot-holes in movies can be chalked up simply to nit-picking.

There are some plot holes, of course, which have made themselves known because they're of genuine concern, but there are some famous ones that just don't hold up under close scrutiny, and probably have far simpler solutions than anybody gives them credit for.

Here's 8 famous movie plot holes with shockingly simple solutions: plot holes with, uh, their own plot holes, if you will...


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