8 Famous Movie Plot Holes With Shockingly Simple Solutions

8. The Microwave Emitter Should Have Vaporised Every Human Being In Gotham City - Batman Begins

Batman Weapons Microwave Emitter
Warner Bros.

The "Plot Hole"

One of the major plot threads in Nolan's Batman Begins involves bad guy Ra's al Ghul and his plan to use a "Microwave Emitter" he stole from Wayne Enterprises to spread a nerve toxin throughout Gotham, thus allowing the city's confused inhabits to destroy themselves.

The Microwave Emitter, of course, will vaporise Gotham's water supply, allowing the toxin - which has been leaked inside - to spread everywhere. But given that the body is composed of, like, 75% water, wouldn't this have resulted in the deaths of everyone involved?

The Simple Solution

Firstly, you have to consider one very important factor: this movie takes place in a world where Ra's al Ghul would rather go through an elaborate plan like this instead of just finding a bomb and destroying Gotham that way. Secondly: the Microwave Emitter is a fictional device, and one whose details are never fully revealed, so it's hardly fair to throw this down as a glaring plot hole anyway. Would it have made sense for Wayne Enterprises to create something that murdered human beings if they turned it on? Absolutely not.

Logic dictates that there is science working behind this thing that we simply don't understand - as with pretty much every other gadget or device in the movie that nobody cares to question. It's entirely possible that the Emitter had been designed purposely so that it didn't effect the human body.

In fact, that surely had to be - without question - one of the device's built-in safety requirements, given that it's not made expressly for nefarious purposes?


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