8 Famous Movies That Totally Deserve To Face Giant Lawsuits

8. The Lion King (1994)

Lion King

It's Incredibly Similar To...Kimba The White Lion (1960)

AH ZABENYA! Yep, you guessed it: The Lion King. One of Disney's most beloved animated classics - a movie that made each and every one of our childhood's better by default, just for having existed in the same time frame. And what an original movie it is, huh? Simba... Pride Rock... wonderful ideas that only those incredibly creative folks over at Disney could've come up with, right? Now go back and read everything I just wrote in a sarcastic voice, because The Lion King might actually owe some Japanese guy a whole bunch of money. Seriously.

It's common knowledge that Disney like to take existing stories and concepts to carve our their animated features, but usually they do that with things that are, I don't know, in the public domain, like Aladdin or The Little Mermaid - stories with no copyright issues. I mean, this film was even based on Hamlet. So it's strange that The Lion King also shares a bunch of similarities with Kimba The White Lion, an anime series from the '60s - Simba's name is similar to Kimba's, obviously, and that famous Pride Rock shot was here first, too. Sure, it's possible that these are unintentional, or that some guys at Disney saw Kimba one day and years later came out with all the ideas thinking that they were their own. But even Matthew Broderick thought he'd signed up to voice Kimba when he agreed to voice Simba for this movie - why didn't anyone at Disney see the similarities between the two properties? Oh, yeah: 'cause they're invincible and they don't give a .

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