8 Fascinating Disney Movies That Were Never Made

Did you know Disney pioneered The Gremlins?

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The total number of films made under the Walt Disney Pictures banner is absolutely staggering. Since the 1930s the company has released well in excess of two-hundred films, ranging from animated features to live-action projects, hybrids of the two and even documentaries.

With so much going on at Disney at any one time, it's understandable that not every project sees the light of day. While the vast majority of these are likely cancelled before they even enter pre-production, there are those that make it further than others, seeming possible up until the moment they're canned.

With that said, one of the most common reasons these films are cancelled is because of the fear they won't appeal to a general audience, which makes them some of the most unique and interesting Disney films ever conceived.

As for whether or not they do appeal, that's for you to decide. Here are eight fascinating Disney movies that were never made.

8. My Peoples

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My Peoples was the passion project of Barry Cook, the American film director famous for his work in the animation industry. Cook co-directed Mulan and has since worked on 2011's Arthur Christmas and 2013's Walking With Dinosaurs.

The film was to be set in Appalachia, Texas in the 1940s, detailing the story of two families at odds. Despite this, their children Elgin and Rose fall in love. Uniquely, Elgin loves folk-art, and creates a massive array of distinct dolls each of which is possessed by a ghostly character.

After it was green-lit, the project went through various name changes including Once In A Blue Moon, Elgin's Peoples, Angel And Her No Good Sister and A Few Good Ghosts. Cook also began hiring voice actors for the film, including Dolly Parton and Billy Connolly.

Sadly, the film was cancelld in favour of Chicken Little, which was seen to have a broader appeal to a general audience.

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