8 Films & 1 TV Show That Work Perfectly From Different Perspectives

Theories that could transform hatred into love...

Donnie Darko
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Directors and screenwriters go into the film production process for the right reasons, the intention to make high quality and successful films with a concept that audiences can attach themselves too. But for whatever reason - be it too many ideas, studio interference or just an obsession with subverting expectations - the passion for their project doesn't transfer to the desired audience.

But sometimes one small little shift in plot, character arc or theme could have been all the film needed to be a success.

While the filmmakers may not have made the changes needed, it is therefore left up to us to see the film in a different light so we can get maximum enjoyment and engagement. Sure, this may mean filling in some blanks left deliberately or otherwise and making leaps of logic that push our suspension of disbelief, but really, whatever choice do we have? To accept no sufficient answers to our fan theories? To accept that a series that we've invested in for years was all for nothing?

No! Accepting defeat is not the answer. Instead this list provides us the ability to turn any film into a masterpiece, and all we need to do to make it happen is to view the movie in a slightly modified context.

9. "Lex" Is Actually The Riddler - Batman V Superman

Donnie Darko
Warner Bros.

One of the most notable criticisms of this fundamentally disappointing flick was the truly woeful interpretation of Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg. Many reviewers commented that his performance was far more reminiscent of The Riddler than the iconic bald villain. But what if the character wasn't in fact Lex Luthor at all, but instead The Riddler in disguise?

While it would be hard to explain how this has occurred, it would definitely make Eisenberg's performance more palatable and would make the convoluted plot more resemble a riddle.

When interpreting Eisenberg's performance in the context of him being The Riddler, he really ticks every box. His use of heightened language and body gestures, not to mention his weird infatuation with jelly beans is very much befitting of the Enigma persona. While Jim Carrey nailed the manic nature of the character to perfection, Eisenberg's version brings all this to the fore whilst still maintaining the villainy often lost in portrayals of this character.

As unlikely as it may seem now, perhaps a future Justice League film could explain this plot point, with the real Lex returning with Brainiac to expose the imposter filling his place. Or maybe Eisenberg is Lex Junior and Brian Cranston can be Lex Senior, with Lex junior now taking the persona of The Riddler. Or maybe it's just best to leave well enough alone.

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