8 Films With Bad-Ass Final Scenes

rsz_life_of_brian Our tastes are all completely different when it comes to our enjoyment of the resolution of a story. Some enjoy the happy ending, where our favourite characters end their story on a positive note. Be that with a kiss, a marriage, acceptance of peers or defeating the bad guy. Others like a more ambiguous finale, where you can come to your own conclusion on how you believe the story finished. There are those endings, however, that make you punch the air with excitement, or plaster a smile to your face with just how amazing they are. They are final scenes that are either so thrilling, or so inventive that it€™s impossible not to feel good when leaving the cinema, even if some are against your better judgement. These are some of our favourite films with bad ass final scenes. *Warning* As these are final scenes in films, it goes without saying that there are some major spoilers ahead.

8. The Cabin In The Woods

As funny and entertaining as Joss Whedon€™s script for The Cabin in The Woods is, it€™s the characters that have helped it becomes a cult classic. Strong performances and a reversal of everything we thought we knew about horror made this one of the best films of 2012. There are so many classic moments here, from the horror given to a simple chime of an opening lift door, to the banter between characters in the control room. However it€™s the thought provoking last scene that may stick in the mind the most. Our morality and reason for existence is brilliantly questioned in our final moments with two of the principal characters. Not only is the decision to end the world justified, but the way it€™s accepted by the characters is a big two fingers to the damage and destruction our species has brought the planet. It€™s also the way a lot of us would choose to go out, with our friend in one hand and a joint in the other.

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