8 Fixes That Would've Improved No Time To Die

7. Change Bond's Pre-Kill Quip About Felix Leiter

M No Time To Die

Next up, one of the many surprising moments in the film is the death of Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) and although his death works well, there is one line spoken by Bond which felt wildly out-of-place.

Before killing Logan Ash (Billy Magnussen), the traitorous CIA agent responsible for Leiter's death, Bond says "I had a brother. His name was Felix Leiter." This was clearly meant to be profound, but instead fell as flat as a pancake.

Since Leiter has been side-lined throughout the Craig era - which is a terrible shame considering Wright is quite possibly the best incarnation of Leiter to date - this line about Bond seeing him as a brother was very difficult to take seriously. Therefore, this line needed to be rewritten because it just didn't land at all.


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