8 Great Horror Movies Unfairly Snubbed At The Oscars

Poor Pazuzu.

ABC/Warner Bros. Pictures

When it comes to artistic recognition, horror has always been the black sheep of movie genres. This is especially true in the eyes of The Academy – those who bestow that most coveted of Hollywood awards: The Oscar.

If we exclude The Silence of the Lambs (1991), which, strictly speaking is a psychological thriller with horrific elements, in the 87-year-history of the Oscars, not a single horror movie has been deemed worthy of the Academy Award for Best Picture, and only a small handful have received Oscars in lesser categories. This is reflective of the conservative and skittish mindset of the Hollywood elite.

Horror movies are not the reserve of social deviants. There have been numerous instances where filmmakers have elevated the genre to high art, meticulously crafting products that stand the test of time and fill a deep psychosocial need to explore in a safe environment –and even to exorcise– the darker aspects of our human condition.

Still, the Academy usually shies away from the supernatural and otherworldly, perhaps because these areas are deemed too 'silly' and fantastical to be culturally significant, or because they are seen as less 'serious' and therefore less worthy than the more Earthly historical subjects that typically serve as Oscar bait.

While the Hollywood establishment continues to avert its eyes, here, in order of release, are eight great horrors that were snubbed or sidelined by the Academy.


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