8 Greatest 'I'm Dead And I Know It' Moments In Found Footage Horror Movies

Those instances that capture a found footage character's worst fears.

Lake Mungo
Arclight Films

By their very nature, found footage horror offerings tend to involve a death or two. After all, such films have often opened with a brief explanation that what we're seeing is a bunch of recordings detailing the disappearance or final days of Person A or Group D.

Again though, the narrative of these features usually means we get a moment or two where a character will know that their death is on the horizon. Whether that's mere seconds before said death or maybe an early realisation that things are going to turn out well, there are times when a found footage film perfectly captures someone's reaction to knowing they're totally and utterly doomed.

Of course, "greatest" may be a slightly rough term to use for the demises that lie ahead - especially when it comes to the characters who find themselves at the core of these situations - but such realisations have often made for some great horror viewing over the years.

With that in mind, then, here are eight great examples of those times that found footage characters knew that their days were numbered.

8. Kelly - Willow Creek

Lake Mungo
Dark Sky Films

Many will know him as the erratic Zed of the Police Academy franchise, but the past 15 years or more have seen Bobcat Goldthwaite carve out quite the impressive career for himself behind the camera - not least with 2011's phenomenal God Bless America.

Goldthwaite followed that excellent slice of social commentary up two years later with Willow Creek, the filmmaker's found footage tale about a couple on the hunt to find Bigfoot.

In Willow Creek, the close of the movie finds Jim (Bryce Johnson) and Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) holed up in their tent for a continuous shot that runs over 15 minutes, all while something lurks outside. If that wasn't creepy enough, this duo then soon find themselves chased through the woods by that same 'something'.

For Kelly, it's here that she knows her death is on the horizon, and that fear is only intensified after stumbling across a naked 'missing person' and seeing Jim mauled by what we're led to believe is a Bigfoot.

However, instead of death, it appears that Kelly had a slightly different endgame in Willow Creek. While it's not confirmed, the implication is that Kelly's ultimate fate was to serve as a sex slave for the remaining Sasquatches as they look to repopulate their numbers.


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