8 Heroes Who Could Be The Marvel Cinematic Universe's First Gay Character

7. Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson Spider Man

Peter Parker awkwardly wooing his female lead (MJ in Raimi's movies, Gwen in Webb's) has been done to death at this point - and we might well be looking at another bout of inevitable, clichéd teen romance in the upcoming reboot.

So why not shake things up a bit? 

Instead of just the usual Parker/MJ courtship, how about adding another dynamic by making Mary Jane bisexual? One version of the character (Earth-8545) has actually been depicted as lesbian in the comics anyway, so there's some source material to back up the decision. 

MJ and Peter could still end up together of course, but it'd just make a welcome change from the usual love triangle situation if in one corner there was another woman and not Harry Osborn or Flash Thompson etc. 

Hey, how about Black Cat....


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