8 Horror Films Ruined By Disappointing Death Scenes

We still can't believe that Freddy Krueger was killed by a pipe bomb in Nightmare on Elm Street 6.

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A well-crafted death scene is a key component of most horror films. Gruesome, gory, and grisly kills are all welcome additions to any scary movie, and some are as creative and innovative as they are downright disgusting.

The freak accidents of the Final Destination franchise, the torturous traps featured in the Saw series, and those dream-based killings perpetrated by Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger are, for the most part, delightfully disgusting. These death scenes are generally hair-rising hits, horrifying and entertaining for their viewers in equal measures.

However, not every horror movie death can be perfect; some, in fact, can be undeservedly disappointing, dull, or unoriginal.

Whether it's Freddy's totally underwhelming fate in the sixth Nightmare on Elm Street film (the demonic serial killer is somehow destroyed by a pipe bomb), or Alex Browning's offscreen demise in Final Destination 2, these deaths left their audiences completely disappointed instead of totally terrified.

These are eight horror movies which were ruined by their disappointingly mediocre death scenes.

8. La Llorona - The Curse Of La Llorona

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New Line Cinema

Based on stories surrounding La Llorona, a malevolent figure from Latin American folklore, The Curse of La Llorona is the sixth installment in the otherwise successful Conjuring franchise. Although this supernatural horror film received lukewarm reviews upon release, the movie was relatively successful at the box-office, terrifying audiences with its horrifying depiction of the well-known spirit.

The film focuses on the Garcias, a young family who encounter La Llorona (aka The Weeping Woman), the spirit of a woman who, centuries earlier, had drowned her sons in a stream.

La Llorona attempts to harm members of the Garcia family, leaving burn marks on their wrists and eventually attempting to drown the children. Anna Tate-Garcia (Linda Cardellini), the familial matriarch, is ultimately able to destroy the murderous spirit before it can do her family greater harm.

However, the spirit appears surprisingly easy to destroy. Grabbing a crucifix crafted from a Fire Tree (a type of tree which grew next to the stream in which La Llorona killed her sons), Anna is able to stab the spirit, ostensibly destroying her. Throughout the film, we see La Llorona's immense (and terrifying) powers on multiple occasions; that she can be destroyed so easily is totally underwhelming.


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