8 Horror Movie Monsters Scarier Than The Actual Villain

7. The Overlook Ghosts - Doctor Sleep

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Doctor Sleep is such a frustrating sequel. By trying to appeal to both Stephen King fans AND Stanley Kubrick fans, Mike Flanagan's ambitious horror kind of crumbles under its own weight, but it does have some cool ideas and scenes in there. Ewan Mcgregor is always a joy to watch as well, of course.

However, its main villains - a travelling troup of eternal vampire-like creatures who feed on people will supernatural abilities - are more goofy than they are scary. They don't lack a violent bite, and Rebecca Ferguson is immensely watchable as ringleader Rose the Hat, but they're too goofy to be truly terrifying.

They're interesting in terms of mythology but don't inspire much fear, unlike the ghosts of the Overlook Hotel, which take centre stage in the finale.

Returning to the hallowed halls of the original Shining movie, a bunch of ghouls reprise their roles, including the spooky Grady twins, the naked lady from Room 237 and former caretaker Delbert. They're fan service, sure, but Flanagan makes sure they all retain the same innate creepiness they held decades ago in Kubrick's movie, and they more than deliver the scares.

In fact, even Rose is scared of them, which I think proves my point.


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