8 Horror Movie Re-Castings That Were TERRIBLE

6. Maria Bello - Evelyn O'Connell (The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor)

The Shining
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Alright, so The Mummy is definitely on the lighter end of horror, but I couldn't sleep for two weeks the first time I saw Imhotep suck the life out of somebody's face so it absolutely counts.

The original two movies - CGI Dwayne Johnson and all - were some of the finest blockbusters of their time, and part of that reason was the cast. Brendan Fraser was charismatic and cheeky as adventurer Rick O'Connell, matched perfectly with Rachel Weisz as Rick's love interest Evy.

The two had great chemistry, and Weisz won over the hearts of moviegoers instantly. That connection only deepened in the second film, as the character became a mother without losing the lust for adventure and action that made her such a standout.

Of course, when it takes seven years to make a sequel, it's not a guarantee that all the actors are going to be up for returning. Consequently when The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor finally began production, Rachel Weisz decided (quite fairly) that the script wasn't up to snuff. As a replacement, the studio brought in Maria Bello.

On paper, this didn't look like a disaster. Bello is an amazing performer, but her more stern performance, alongside changes in the writing department, resulted in a version of Evy that felt off compared to the previous two movies.

Fans weren't enamoured with the sequel generally, but the recasting of such an important character made it feel even more like fan fiction than a proper follow up.


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