8 Horror Movie Villains That Just Weren't Scary

There's no good or bad here. Just ugly.

The Gingerdead Man People watch horror films to be scared. That much is obvious. If a horror film is not scaring you then, more often than not, it's not doing its job properly. Horror films provide a safe way to be scared. After all, the monster's are on the screen and can't get us, right? Unless we're talking about The Ring films, but that's a different story altogether. Horror films look to scare us in a variety of different ways. Zombies, serial killers, ghosts, possessed dolls and great white sharks have all been used to effectively terrify audiences. That doesn't take into account the various psychological, body and other horrors that give audiences nightmares. Many horror film villains have become iconic in the genre. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voohres, Michael Myers, Ghostface, Chucky and Jigsaw all have their place in horror film history. Several of them have crossed over into the mainstream. More often than not they scare us, too. As horror films have a tendency under-develop their 'normal' characters, a strong villain can make a bad film good and a good film great. People want to see a decent villain on screen. A lot of horror films get it very wrong, however, and have villains that are just awful. They're not scary, rarely funny and actually quite annoying. Other times the villain is so preposterous that you can't help but laugh AT it. That can be said for many of the villains on this list, which are some of the lamest in horror movie history.
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