8 Horror Movie Villains That Just Weren't Scary

8. The Leprechaun (The Leprechaun Series)

Where's me pot 'o gold? The Leprechaun film series has seen the undersized Irish killer fairy go from chasing a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston around a nursing home to adventures in outer space and in the hood. Despite the constant scenery changes the Leprechaun has never been scary in any environment. The diminutive Leprechaun, played by Warwick Davis until WWE's Hornswoggle took over the role for the latest instalment/reboot, is more funny than scary. And he isn't even that funny, really. Pint-size rival Chucky is clearly the funniest horror movie villain under 4ft tall. Many of the Leprechaun's one-lines fall flat and there's a lot of eye-rolling whenever he's on screen. As is the case with most horror franchise, the Leprechaun films quickly descended into self-parody. By the time of 2001's Leprechaun In The Hood the little fella was rapping with Ice-T.
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