8 Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Connected

That necronomicon really gets around.

Jason Necronomicon
New Line Cinema

If you ever wanted the Marvel Cinematic Universe equivalent for all things terrifying, then you've come to the right place.

Much like their very own monsters hiding in the shadows, these films keep their interlocking narratives a secret - leaving only subtle easter eggs behind for those that are sharp enough to spot them.

Or you know, for massive bloody horror nerds.

It's not just Freddy and Jason that have an inter-movie-dimensional bone to pick, with filmmakers for years leaving their own tributes to their inspirations tucked away in subtle spooky nods. With that in mind, we've scoured movies big and small for clues to a wider universe.

As luck would have it: movie blood is thicker than holy water.

8. Slither And The Thing

Jason Necronomicon

Both containing parasites that devolve humans into disgusting, fleshy masses, Slither and The Thing share some thematic similarities. Incidentally, they also share one key narrative point: they both contain R. J. MacReady.

MacReady is the protagonist of the research mission undertaken in The Thing; the key hero facing up against an alien invasion that is slowly but surely turning his crew against him. At the end of the movie, MacReady's fate is uncertain - he's left with a morally ambiguous Childs watching their facility burn down in the middle of the freezing Antarctic.

Slither MacReady

It seems that James Gunn wanted to have some fun with John Carpenter's movie, including the R. J. MacReady auctioneers and funeral home in a sly reference to Slither's infamous inspiration.

In this universe, we can assume MacReady didn't survive and has a lovely funeral home named after him. Or if he did, he's taken up a new line of work investigating potential parasite infections, since neither the living nor the corpses of The Thing can be trusted as shown in the gnarly defibrillation scene.

It'd somewhat make sense either way considering the amount of death that happened on their expedition, to be fair.


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