8 Incredible Batman Film & TV Concept Designs That Were Never Used

7. Ki Hyun Ryu's Unmade Nightwing Show

Nightwing It was 2009, and Cartoon Network was in the market for a DC Universe-based TV show to fill their programming. It is no surprise that they turned to the bat-family, which has had a cartoon on television almost continuously since the wonderful Batman: The Animated Series aired in early '92. Somewhat less obviously, though, they went with a character that is less of a household name, considering Nightwing as the focus of the show. The designs here, done by Ki Hyun Ryu, best known for his work on Batman: Year One, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and the scandalously well-received The Legend of Korra. Nightwing 2Nightwing 3 While Nightwing would have been the title character, the rest of the bat-family would have likely been represented. The below concept designs from the same batch also show Raven, the hoodie reminiscent of her traditional costume. Raven So, what happened to these designs? Cartoon Network ended up going with Young Justice, instead, which was very well received, and subsequently cancelled, as these things go.

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