8 Incredible Batman Film & TV Concept Designs That Were Never Used

5. Tim Flattery's Unused Penguin Designs

penguin header One of the more memorable moments in Batman Returns was the use, by the Penguin, of actual Penguins, rigged with rockets, to attack Gotham City. It was not the most practical scheme, I'll admit. Even as a child, I thought it was somewhat ridiculous. How were the penguins aiming? That aside, it worked in the movie, which I actually thought was a worthy addition to the catalogue (not to mention serving as my first introduction to who Batman was, as a character). penguin final 3 Not entirely surprisingly, however, the movie originally did not limit itself to rocket penguins. Behold - Buzzsaw, Boxing, and two different Grenade penguins! penguin final 1 I think my favorite thing about these designs is the fact that some of them appear to be posing as people, wearing shirts. "Nothing to see here," they seem to be saying. "Just your average regular penguin tourist..." *BOXING GLOVE!* Sure, that's what'll finally take out Batman.

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