8 Infamous Movie Myths You Won't Believe Are Actually True

Truth is stranger than fiction.

The Deer hunter

Ever heard the myth about the stuntman who got killed whilst filming the chariot race in Ben Hur? Or how about the dead munchkin that you can supposedly see hanging in the background during a scene in The Wizard of Oz?

Though both of these wonderful little tales have provided movie nerds with drunken conversation topics since forever, neither are actually true. What's great, of course, is the insane level that some movie myths reach: how did we genuinely manage to convince ourselves that a munchkin actually hung itself on set and ended up in the movie?

There are some myths and urban legends out there, however, that - ludicrous as they sound - actually have some truth to them. And by that, I mean they're actually true.

Here's 8 infamous movie-based myths, all of which have had people scratching their heads for decades. The weird thing about most of these inclusions is the simple fact that - since they're true - they're not actually myths, but given the public's reluctance to accept such absurd notions, they're still considered to be urban legends by the people who frequently cite them...


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