8 Infamous Movie Myths You Won't Believe Are Actually True

8. Charlie Chaplin Lost A Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike Contest

Charlie Chaplin

It sounds crazy to suggest that this actually happened, but - lo and behold - it genuinely did occur. Charlie Chaplin, who is perhaps the most famous movie star of all-time, renowned for his iconic character "The Tramp," once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest and... lost.

Contests like these became super popular in America once Chaplin became a big star, with contestants lining up to do their best version of The Tramp. Obviously the judges weren't very well equipped to do their jobs on one particular occasion, when Chaplin himself decided it would be downright hilarious if he entered the competition.

This occurred in a San Francisco theatre, and according to those who attended, Chaplin didn't even make the finals. So the judges looked right into the eyes of Charlie Chaplin himself and said: "Nah. Next."

It's a comedy routine worthy of a Chaplin movie, that's for sure.


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