8 Insane Marvel Phase 3 Rumours You Need To See To Believe

3. Spider-Man's Bizarre Cast List

Everyone is understandably desperate for details on what Marvel has planned for Spider-Man, especially as the wall-crawler joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemed like little more than a fantasy for a very long time. Perhaps that's why everyone jumped on a cast list which surfaced on social media back in August. Despite it literally looking like a photograph someone had taken of a Word document on their laptop, it soon started gaining steam and created a lot of discussion among comic book fans. So, let's give it the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was real; who exactly will be starring in Jon Watt's 2017 Spider-Man reboot? Alongside Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) and Marisa Tomei (Aunt May), there's Billy Zane (The Vulture), Jason Biggs (Scorpion), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Rachel G. Fox (Mary Jane Watson), Timothee Chamalet (Harry Osborn), Sami Gayle (Liz Allen), Jacob Latimore (Flash Thompson), Hugh Laurie (J. Jonah Jameson), Forest Whitaker (Robbie Robertson), Miranda Cosgrove (Betty Brant), and Tyler Posey (Ned Leeds). That's certainly a very interesting list, and while there's some inspired casting for sure there, could Marvel seriously not find two better actors to play the lead villains?! It would be a big mistake on Marvel's part to return to the Harry Osborn fountain again, but the other characters are all pretty great when it comes to a supporting cast. Plus, Hugh Laurie as JJJ? Yes, please! Alas, chances are this is most definitely fake, but one character we do know is likely set to show up in Spider-Man is Tony Stark. That's been a rumour for a while now, and as I mentioned back in the web-shooter slide, it's thought that he's going to take on a mentor role in the young Peter Parker's life.

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