8 Insanely Dangerous Film Shoots That Nearly Killed Their Stars

5. Wener Herzog Contemplates Killing His Star - Fitzcarraldo

Director Werner Herzog and actor Klaus Kinski had a famous love/hate relationship. They collaborated on five films, and on every single one they fought like animals. Most people would put this down to Kinski, who turned being a volatile, hateful maniac into an artform. He was universally despised by most of the people he worked with, and was famous for his temper tantrums and ranting outbursts. Actor Jason Robards was originally cast as the lead of Fitzcarraldo, but had to leave early due to illness. Kinski stepped in, and nobody had any fun from that point on. The production was already a difficult one, as the story involved a merchant trying to drag a 320 ton ship over a steep muddy hill in Peru. Herzog wanted to pull off this feat for real instead of faking it, even if it was near impossible. Kinski was a constant source of tension, and was especially despised by the natives working on Fitzcarraldo. One of them approached Herzog and offered - completely seriously - to kill Kinski for him. Herzog turned down his kind offer, as he still needed Kinski to finish the film. Other fun things that happened include a crew member having a foot amputated by chainsaw after a snake bite and a war breaking out on the Peru-Ecaudor border.
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