8 Irresistible Film Cameos By Sportsmen

In the vibrant and colourful world of cinema there is no place for sportsmen. Actors and athletes operate on completely different tangents and never the twain shall meet. Though both professions are involved in the sphere of entertainment, seldom do they cross on the Venn diagram of cinema. Actors are the ones who belong on the big screen and there are obvious reasons why. Just watch a post-game interview involving a rugby or football player. Most of the time these athletes will conduct themselves with all the charisma of a wooden spoon, mumbling out overused clichés in a robotic manner. Unless these sportsmen are hallowed alumni of the Keanu Reeves school of acting, being in front of the camera is something of little importance to them. However it could be argued that some athletes consciously incorporate acting into elements of their game. Certain footballers are renowned for their play-acting skills, especially in the penalty area. Players with a sour reputation for diving like Luis Suarez or Nani could easily transfer their skills to martial arts B-movies, where they could throw themselves acrobatically to the floor at the slightest of touches. Even commentators like to showcase their acting ability every now and then. Take Gary Neville€™s reaction to Chelsea€™s late equaliser against Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League. His recreation of that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally after Torres€™ goal was unnervingly convincing. It is a rare occasion that sportsmen make appearances in movies. But when they do, for better or for worse, it can create some truly memorable cinematic moments.

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