8 Irresistible Film Cameos By Sportsmen

8. John McEnroe - Anger Management John McEnroe is brilliant in his brief cameo in Anger Management, showing us that his acting is almost as good as his tennis. Channelling some of the intense fury and frustration he is so famous for displaying on the tennis court, we see him square off against Jack Nicholson in a verbal battle between the two alpha males. €˜Anger Management€™ is the kind of sound-bite epigram which epitomises McEnroe€™s fiery personality and this scene is a humorous parody of his hot-headed former self. McEnroe is no stranger to the silver screen, and is a connoisseur of the cameo. He appears as himself in two other Adam Sandler comedies, Mr. Deeds and You Don€™t Mess With The Zohan. He also cameoed in romantic comedy Wimbledon; though his acting talents were wasted playing the humble role of commentator.

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