8 Mind-Blowing Movie Coincidences You Won't Believe Actually Happened

4. Anthony Hopkins' Copy Of A Book Turns Out To Be The Author's Own Lost Version - The Girl From Petrovka


Long before he became a big star, Anthony Hopkins appeared in The Girl From Petrovka alongside Goldie Hawn. It's not a very good movie, and this story is far more interesting as a result. Anyway, as most actors do when they sign on to star in a movie based on a book, Hopkins sought out a copy of the original novel, written by George Feifer.

To Hopkins' dismay, though, he couldn't find a copy of the book anywhere. Walking through London later, he noticed an abandoned book on a park bench. Of the all books in the entire world that this man could have found right when he needed it, what might that book have been? Yep: The Girl From Petrovka. This, of course, would have been a great place to end a story of such sublime coincidence, but it's not even over yet.

Two years later, the actor met George Feifer during filming, who admitted that he didn't have a copy of his own book. You know where this is going, right? Feifer described his copy of Petrovka, which he admitted had been personally annotated, and mentioned that he once lent it to a friend who lost in in London. Hopkins brought out his copy and (presumably) deadpanned: "Is this the copy you're looking for, George?" Yes, it was the same freakin' copy. No word as to whether or not Anthony Hopkins gave George Feifer his book back, though.

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