8 Modern Horrors Ruined By Their Monster Reveal

Was THAT really what the scary lead up was for?

The Conjuring 2 Vadak
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Over time, the horror genre has taken cinema by storm, constantly devising new and creative ways to make audiences return again and again for the biggest scares and hide-behind-the-cushion moments within the confines of a dark theatre or their own home. Fans watch as they scream with the final girl and hold their breath as a ghost creeps around the corner and reaches out to get them... and they are let down.

The monster we've all been waiting for is rubbish. Whether it be shocking CGI that just doesn't look good on screen or the grand reveal happens to be a bunch of aliens living outside a bunker they have been trying to escape from the whole time, these are the endings that make horror genre fans cringe, sigh, shake their heads, and wish they never watched this far only for a bad ending to ruin it.

But which of these monster reveals are the worst? Here is a list of just eight of those surprises from big horror movies of the last decade that are the most disappointing - and why they ruin the movie altogether.

8. Insidious

The Conjuring 2 Vadak

James Wan's Insidious franchise began in 2011, following a seemingly common generic haunted house narrative that slowly falls in to more of a poltergeist esque sub plot as it continues. A family consisting of mother, father and sons move in to their home only for strange goings on to occur and their first born Dalton to fall into a coma leading them to live their life in worry.

When the haunted happenings continue and Dalton does not wake from his medical spell, the parents make one last call to a psychic medium Elise to extract their son from a subconscious plane of existence called 'The Further', captured by what the credits call the 'Lipstick Demon'. And the moment he is revealed is the moment the audience lose the spooky investment.

Up until the beginning of the third act, the family discover a variety of extra spirits who attempt to cross the plane whilst Dalton becomes weaker in their world. There's no denying that some of these are spooky - from smiling nurses to a dancing Victorian boy - but the orchestrater knocks the scares right out the window, looking like a face painted man with a red tail.

It's disappointing to say the least but if you want loud jump scares, Insidious is full of them.


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