8 More Actors Who Look Exactly Like The Characters They Played

7. Jamie Foxx - Ray Charles (Ray)

Valkyrie Tom Cruise

From one music legend to another, and to another actor who came away with Oscar gold for their impressive work as a real-life singing sensation.

Similarly to the aforementioned Rami Malek, the great Jamie Foxx may not have used his own voice to recreate some of Ray Charles' greatest hits in 2004's Ray, but that still didn't change the fact that the multi-talented performer often left you feeling like you were watching the piano-tapping wizard himself during the biopic.

It didn't matter that Foxx already looked somewhat similar to Charles once you slapped a pair of sunglasses on him and got him to belt out one of the music star's greatest hits - the actor went all out to believably bring the much-loved singer/song-writer to the screen.

On top of going as far as to wear prosthetics over his eyes to play the blind rhythm and blues icon, Foxx also managed to accurately capture the spirit and energy that Charles exuded whenever he sat in front of a piano. And he even sounded just like the "I've Got a Woman" artist when delivering dialogue, too.

When the son of Charles himself even admits (at 8:00 in the clip above) that it was like looking at his father when watching Foxx on set, you know you've done something right.


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