8 MORE Deleted Scenes That Nearly Ruined Great Movies

Thank the editors for these choices.

The Incredible Hulk
Marvel Studios

They say "less is more" and often times that can be the case but when you're making a movie one important aim should always be to capture more footage than you need. Not just retakes of the same scenes, but as many different scenes as you can write and film. When it comes time to edit, you want as much choice as possible in order to create the best finished product.

The majority of movies have sequences that were shot but eventually cut from the finished piece and the reasons can be practically infinite. Whatever the case, as the audience we trust these editors to make the right choice with what to keep and what to discard.

A lot of the times they do! And what puts that into even sharper perspective is seeing scenes that were shot but ultimately not used. The kind of thing that you see and immediately understand why it was removed.

Finding a story's end is always the hardest part and so it's not that surprising that a lot of movies try things that don't work out into the final stages of their story. As such, expect spoilers as we take a look at some deleted scenes that we can thank our lucky stars didn't make the final reel.

8. Happy Ending - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The Incredible Hulk
Tri-Star Pictures

Whilst leaning more into the action side of things over the horror of the first movie, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is in no way a joyless or particularly humourless movie. Even with its final note of hope following the selfless destruction of the T-800, it still maintains an edge and an ambiguity of the future.

An alternate take on the ending was far more positive, in fact too much so. Rather than the war between human and cyborg taking place, life continues on as normal. Sarah Connor grows old, and her son John becomes a US senator and a f. ather. Sarah watches her family play in the same park she dreamed of burning in the nuclear apocalypse.

Everything is fine… except, you know, not for the audience.

Not only is this suddenly very saccharine ending totally off-key for the picture, it also creates big questions. Admittedly, Terminator’s take on time travel and continuity are hazy at best but wouldn’t the war need to happen in some form in order for Kyle Reese to be sent back to impregnate Sarah Connor and thus complete the cycle? How John Connor exist without it?

On the other hand, this rather “final” feeling ending could’ve at least saved us from the string of terrible follow-ups… but at the sake of sullying Judgement Day? No thanks.


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