8 More Moments That Literally Stopped Movies

7. Robin Checks The Script (Robin Hood: Men In Tights)

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Mel Brooks movies are famous for getting all crazy with their fourth wall breaks, and as such, this won't be the last time his name pops up on this list.

For now though, his brilliant 1993 comedy Robin Hood: Men In Tights contains a moment that doesn't just break the fourth wall, it raises a middle finger at it, going so far as to stop the movie while the lead character pulls out the script. Seriously.

During the archery scene in the latter half of the film, Robin is left gobsmacked when his opponent splits his arrow in two, winning the contest as a result. At this point, audiences were probably left thinking "the legendary Robin Hood being beaten in an archery contest? Preposterous!" and as it happens, they weren't the only ones - because Robin himself also agrees with that assessment.

In fact, he's so shook by this sequence of events that he decides to pull out the script for Robin Hood: Men In Tights, confident that the writers must've made a mistake somewhere. The movie stops while he flips through the pages, until, to his delight, he discovers that he gets to fire another arrow, allowing him to emerge victorious.

And just when it looks like things can't possibly get crazier, the arrow flies through the air like a curved bullet from Wanted, demolishing the bullseye from the rear of the target. Because... why not?


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