8 More Moments That Literally Stopped Movies

6. To Be Continued (The Simpsons Movie)

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Heading into 2007’s The Simpsons Movie, there was no news about the franchise’s cinematic future beyond this single instalment. And annoyingly, over a decade later, there's still no solid news. Come on Disney, don't you want our money?

Anyway, back when the movie came out, everyone was expecting that the story would be neatly wrapped up, without the need to continue it into a film sequel, or even the core TV series. As a result, it was quite a jarring moment when the words "To Be Continued" popped up onscreen at the end of the second act.

When the Simpsons family has a falling out and Marge ends up leaving Homer when he refuses to return to Springfield, a rather distressed Homer collapses down a hill, and ends up floating away on a heart-shaped slab of ice.

Here, the screen fades to black, those aforementioned words briefly flash up, and the movie stops dead for a handful of seconds... before quickly starting up again, because, as it turns out, the story is to be continued "immediately."

The Simpsons Movie had us fooled there for a moment, but alas, Homer's suffering was not yet over. D'oh!


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