8 More Movie Trailers That Blatantly Lied To You

7. Godzilla (2014)

Megan Fox Jennifer's Body
Warner Bros.

What The Trailer Promised:

Bryan Cranston and Godzilla. Walter White vs. King of the Monsters. The trailer promised us a lot of Godzilla through tantalising glimpses of decimated cities, a brief look at the creatures origin and a hearty dose of ‘leading man’ Bryan Cranston to provide an intriguing human element. The film seemingly set up a humanity vs. Godzilla angle for the bulk of the action.

What We Got:

Barely any Bryan Cranston, not nearly enough Godzilla. When the movie rolled out into theatres a lot of viewers were down on the death of Cranston’s character fairly early into the film. From there we’re stuck with Generic Protagonist Man and wife while we only get tiny glimpses of Godzilla on background TV screens and fleeting shots.

When Godzilla does show up, it’s to battle the MUTOs, which is cool, but far too little screen time considering it was the only other reason people showed up for the film once Cranston had died.


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