8 More Recent Movies Most Obviously Ruined By Bad Editing

Who needs completed character arcs anyway?

Predator head

Though cinematography, writing, acting and everything else that informs what happens in-camera is important in making a great film, all of that would be wasted if it didn't come together in the edit.

Having to take hours and hours of footage and condense it into a regular runtime, there's no shortage of stories about how iconic movies were essentially saved by some liberal cutting, with everything from Star Wars to Annie Hall apparently only being found in the editing suite.

The beauty of great editing, though, is that you never actually notice it, but unfortunately the same thing cannot be said for a film which is terribly cut together. In fact, a haphazard editing team can take a project which could have been the next big thing and leave it feeling like a soulless husk - just ask Suicide Squad.

We've covered eight of the worst offenders before, but they look positively fine compared to some movies that have released since...

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