8 Most Hilariously Bad Things About The New Aquaman Image

Hahahahahaha... oh, they're serious?

Oh DC. You do know that people don€™t actually want to hate you? You€™re making a movie where Batman and Superman are going to fight - that is the most unequivocally cool geek moment ever. And yet you insist on taking every possible step to make Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice look like a total mess. The whole thing is built on the shaky foundation of Man Of Steel, with Zack Snyder returning to direct, but as time's gone by that's become the least of the film's troubles. An ever-increasing raft of superfluous supporting characters, the pledge that all DC movies will be joke-free (although the hilarity of the latest announcement suggests otherwise) and the expansion of a Vs. movie initially so cool it makes Captain America: Civil War sound tame into yet another superhero flick all about setting up a wider universe make it look like you have no clue what you're doing And then you release this? Zack Snyder has tweeted an image of what Jason Momoa's Aquaman is going to look like, and Good King of the Seven Seas it is bad. Like laughably bad. And it's made all the more ridiculous by the fact that he's going to be in, at least, four movies like this. One day Warner Bros. will release some tease, or announce a new development that'll show some sense of aptitude for the project, allaying some fears and hinting they may actually deliver in March 2016, but it isn't today. While the world waits for them to get their act together, let's dissect just what makes the new design of Aquaman so funny.


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