8 Most Ironic Scenes In MCU History

Did Thanos know he gave an Infinity Stone to Loki?

Avengers Assemble Loki Mind Stone

Marvel Studios have, over the years, brought to the screens an intricate story consisting of 23 movies across over a decade, and aren’t looking like slowing any time soon. Already four movies and five Disney+ series into Phase Four and beyond the Infinity Saga, the MCU is unlike any other franchise in cinematic history.

Within the countless plots and sub-plots that make up the overall narrative, and the individual character arcs of the heroes and villains, these stories have taken as many different twists and turns as you could possibly imagine.

One thing that there is no shortage of throughout the entire franchise is irony. Wherein a character or story is affected by something exactly, usually painfully contrary to either what was expected, or what audiences had been led to believe previously. Whether used for comedic purposes, shock value, or a gut punch of emotion, the MCU knows how to use irony effectively.

From Doctor Strange’s hands, to a touching moment between Tony Stark and his father that takes on a much further meaning the more you think about it, there are some moments that are so ironic in the MCU it’s almost painful.

8. Steve Lied To Tony

Avengers Assemble Loki Mind Stone
Marvel Studios

The list of superlatives that could describe Steve Rogers really goes on and on and on. He has proved himself worthy of being Captain America throughout the MCU, and even worthy of lifting Mjolnir in the eyes of the gods. He embodies everything that is good, and right, and pure.

He fought the good fight every single time, he protected the little guy, and he stood up for what he believed in. How then, was he capable of lying to the man who trusted him more than anyone else in the world?

Much of Tony Stark’s life was shaped by the death of his parents, and it would have been one thing for Steve to refrain from placing any blame on Bucky, as he wasn’t in control of his own mind, but to keep the truth from Tony entirely was too much. Particularly when much of their war was based around the Winter Soldier.

It would have been a difficult conversation, certainly, but Tony deserved to know the truth, and finding out in any other way would have been better than how he ultimately did. This was one of the few times Steve completely went against every quality that made him fit to carry the Captain America mantle.


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