8 Movie Characters Who Were Killed Because Of Test Audiences

Things were going so well for these movie characters before test audiences laid their eyes on them.

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Above all else, movies are made and crafted with the intention of giving fans an enjoyable or rewarding viewing experience. Well, most of the time.

So, it's not unusual for a director or studio to screen an early version of their feature to a bunch of test subjects in a closed screening, hoping those in attendance will aid them in figuring out what works and what most definitely does not when it comes to their soon-to-be-released baby.

You've likely heard of many example of test audiences outright rejecting the sight of a beloved character being struck down in these behind-closed-doors viewing parties and this outrage leading to the saving of said face in the theatrical cut. Such is the power of the test audience. However, what you may not realise, is that it morbidly works both ways.

Not being happy that the person responsible for a hellacious turn of events didn't get their comeuppance, feeling as though a character's return cheapened their initial demise, or just rejecting the fact that things were wrapped up too nicely as the dust settled on a flick, are just a few reasons why each of these folks bit the dust in the testing stage.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD for Final Destination, Freddy vs. Jason, Layer Cake, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, I Am Legend (2007), Fatal Attraction, Juice, and Deep Blue Sea.

8. Carter Horton - Final Destination

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As it turns out, the first Final Destination's leading light Alex Browning was saved from the grim reaper by test audiences on two occasions. They just didn't want to let go.

An ending depicting Devon Sawa's character being electrocuted to death, with Clear Rivers then giving birth to his son nine-months later (how convenient), and another presenting him being hit by a helicopter both didn't go down well with early viewers of the flick.

But Alex's gain was unfortunately Carter Horton's loss in the end.

As those who have sat through the film that kick-started a whole horror franchise of unfortunate teens trying to evade Death unsuccessfully know all to well at this point, Carter ultimately perished in the feature's closing scene.

This sequence, which cost the studio millions to shoot post-test screenings, involves a massive neon sign splatting Carter in the middle of Paris just as the film cuts to black, resuming Death's plan in the process and leaving you second guessing signage for many years to come.

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