8 Movie Characters Who Were Killed Because Of Test Audiences

7. Freddy Krueger - Freddy Vs. Jason

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Let's get the obvious point out of the way early.

Jason Voorhees undoubtedly carries the severed head of Freddy Krueger out of a lake, only for the latter to wink at the camera as the screen cuts to black and Freddy vs. Jason comes to a close. But as this was the last time we saw Robert Englund portray the iconic villain and his head was not connected to his damn body (!), I'm classing that as an out and out death on this list.

Plus, this wasn't actually the original ending for the film either.

Said initial conclusion would have seen Freddy's spirit possessing Jason Ritter's Will, leading to a rather awkward moment as himself and Lori celebrated Krueger's demise in bed.

The sight of Freddy's infamous claws protruding through his fingers as Will became gradually more aggressive towards Monica Keena's character simply didn't go down well with audiences. Those in attendance hated the ending so much that the body-less fiend being dragged out of the lake by his nemesis was seen as the safer bet for its eventual release.

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