8 Movie Franchises That Continued Long After Their “Final” Chapter

When final doesn't necessarily mean "final" final.

Paramount Pictures

If you’re the head of a studio that's lucky enough to produce a movie audiences love, it’s only natural you’d want to bleed that goodwill dry; there’s money to be made, after all. Even the most beloved franchises eventually turn stale, though, and when the box office figures start dropping off, it’s time to bow out with dignity.

The alternative option is to make another sequel, slap the words “Final Chapter” on it, and lure back fans on the promise it will be an epic conclusion. The promise of seeing how it all wraps up will be irresistible to most people, which should help fatten the box office receipts.

Of course, it’s very rare the “final” sequel will truly be the last entry because the series will either reboot or relaunch itself after a resting period. If the studios feel any shame over tricking people into watching the supposed last instalment they keep it to themselves; the makers of the movies on this list certainly didn’t let it stop them.


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