8 Movie Franchises That Desperately Need Saving (And How To Save Them)

Indiana Jones Remember when the Fast and Furious franchise became good, right out of nowhere? Don't you wish that would happen to all the terrible franchises that continue to fill theatres in this modern era of endless sequels and prequels? Aren't you praying that somebody who understands what people want from movie franchises gets put in charge for a while so we can take some of the really bad ones and inject a little creativity, originality and life into them? The most amazing thing, of course, is that such a thing isn't impossible to achieve. Difficult, but not impossible. So how did the Fast and Furious go from one of the most detested and shamefully derided franchises in the history of cinematic endeavour, to one which has been deemed critic-proof (and in a good way)? It's simple: the franchise went in a new direction. Having dealt with what happens when a bunch of morons race cars for four movies, somebody considered having those morons race cars and pull heists instead, and hey, what if they weren't quite so moronic anymore, too? This new approach breathed new life into a series that had become stale. And if there's hope for a franchise as formally terrible as Fast and Furious, there's hope for all of them - here are 8 movie franchises that are in desperate need of an overhaul, and some suggestions as to how they might stop... well, sucking.

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