8 Movie Franchises That Desperately Need Saving (And How To Save Them)

8. Make Things Far Less Complicated (And Far More Fun) - Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Have you ever sat down to a Pirates of the Caribbean movie that wasn't the first one and wondered why the storyline is so damn complicated, especially given that a) the franchise is based on a ride at DisneyLand and b) the movies are aimed at families in their entirety? I'm genuinely confused as to how the storylines for all three Pirates movies following Curse of the Black Pearl got bogged down in such convoluted narratives. The next movie in the franchise has just been named as "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales," which doesn't bode well already, given that such a title already sounds a bit overwritten. But there is a way to right this ship - tell a simple story, and let Johnny Depp take centre stage. That's why people want to see these movies in the first place: Depp. The narrative need only need be as complicated as "Treasure Island" - make it fun, for God's sake!

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