8 Movie Heroes You Didn't Realise Probably Died Horrible Deaths

Certainly not happy ever after.

Having invested both time and money in a trip to the movies, there's arguably no better reward for all your efforts than to be given the chance to watch the main hero secure their dreams, rescue the girl, and save the day. Because when they succeed, it makes us feel good, and that - fundamentally - is what we like to take from our blockbusters, isn't it?

As effective as it often is, nobody really enjoys watching a good movie protagonist meet their end at the hands of a villain. Sure, sometimes there's absolutely no way for a character to survive a preposterous set of events without it seeming silly, and a self-sacrifice can be a great way to imbue a character with a dose of added coolness. But generally speaking, we like 'em to survive. And when they do, it's great. Unless, of course, there's something that the movie isn't telling you.

Yes, caught up in the happiness of a heroic finale, there's a seriously good chance you might've missed some important (and dooming) implications contained in the 8 movies we've assembled here.

Like, um, how that happy ending wasn't so happy after all, and that the hero probably died horribly whilst the closing credits obnoxiously obscured your view...

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