8 Movie Heroes You Didn't Realise Probably Died Horrible Deaths

8. Driver - Drive (2011)

The "Heroic Ending"...

Having gone from "handsome, broody next door neighbour" to "borderline psychopath" over the course of Nicolas Winding Refn's electronic thriller Drive, Ryan Gosling's nameless character gets into a bloody fight in a car park with Albert Brooks, who stabs him brutally in the abdomen, before being stabbed in the neck himself and killed. The Driver, wounded, climbs into his car and - just when we think he's passed through to the other side - he blinks. Yay! He's alive. Ease in the film's iconic "A Real Hero" track, and off Ryan goes, ready for the next adventure...

But wait...

An online search reveals that, for somebody with a deep abdominal wound like the one afflicted to Driver here, the chances of survival are roughly in the vicinity of around 50% - and that's when medical attention is sought relatively soon, given that bleeding out is a major issue here.

Okay, so Driver can just head to the nearest hospital, right? Well, no, not really, because he's just killed a man in a car park, and he'll be connected to a whole string of other murders, many of which he's directly responsible for. Well, he has, uh, other connections, doesn't he? Somebody he can call? No. Everybody he knows is dead (and we know he doesn't go back to visit Carey Mulligan's character). He's a loner. Likelihood is, then, that Driver passed out and crashed into a tree about eight minutes after the movie ended. The car exploded and he got fried. Which is still kind of cool.


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