8 Movie Mistakes They WANTED You To Notice

Edgar Wright definitely wanted you to spot one particular Hot Fuzz mistake!

Timothy Dalton Hot Fuzz
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Sometimes mistakes happen. And when it comes to bringing a big-screen tale to life, blunders, errors, and gaffes accidentally being left in the end product happens far more often than most directors would openly admit.

However, on the odd occasion, a mind behind a picture finds themselves being so overjoyed, intrigued or excited by something that was not a part of the plan heading into a scene, that they intentionally leave it in the finished article for fans to enjoy.

In fact, in some cases, directors have even gone out of their way to highlight a potentially botched take or sequence via hilarious sound effects! The lesson here is that even the most calamitous of mistakes can be turned into cinematic gold in the right hands.

And sometimes, directors have simply decided to purposely lace some apparent flaws into their story as a way of adding another subtle layer of strangeness to their already unsettling creation.

So, from blink-and-you'll-miss-it fourth-wall breaks, to brief glimpses behind the camera that were anything but an accident, these are those big-screen slip-ups that directors very much wanted you to clock.

8. Kubrick's Many Intentional Continuity Errors Add To The Unsettling Overlook Vibe - The Shining

Timothy Dalton Hot Fuzz
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Very much known as a director who strived for perfection when crafting each and every one of his pictures, the fact Stanley Kubrick's The Shining boasts a rather perplexing amount of continuity mistakes may seem rather odd at a glance.

But in reality, the director's call to leave in these many errors and inconsistencies acted as a genius way to heighten the surreal and unsettling atmosphere felt throughout his legendary Stephen King adaptation.

In a subtle attempt to leave folks watching on questioning and second-guessing just about everything they see unfolding in the 1980 horror classic, Kubrick left in strange flaws such as the carpet Danny is playing on clearly changing its pattern mid-scene.

Want some more?

Well, the manager's office, despite sitting in the middle of the hotel, has a window.

Much of the layout of the hotel is impossible based on where specific rooms appear to be in certain scenes.

And when Hallorann opens the walk-in freezer door during Wendy and Danny's Overlook tour, he begins doing so with his left hand before the next shot shows him doing it with his right.

These are just a number of the subtle yet noticeable mistakes Kubrick planted into the action to keep you feeling disoriented as the bizarre tale is told, and spotting them only enhances an already eerie experience.


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